Volunteering for Ocean City Parrothead Club

We encourage our membership to help out at our events and fundraisers. We would like to thank those volunteers who donate their time and money. When you volunteer, you will be eligible to purchase PHIP Jimmy Buffett Tickets at our sanctioned venues. If you donate over 20 hours of volunteer time per year, you will be invited to a private party, given in your honor.

How does this work? If you VOLUNTEER at a social, event, clean up or participate on a committee, your hours will be recorded. If you donate a NEW item (over $25) for a door prize, auction or raffle item or donate $25 to one of our causes (not for event tickets or raffles), this will count as 1 (one) volunteer hour per $25. The more you donate, the more hours you will accumulate. Hours will be recorded from May-April of each year.