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How to win at roulette online every time

How to win at roulette online every time

By on January 22, 2019

Can you win at roulette every time? Playing online roulette could be very smooth and handy nowadays. You just switch on your computer, make a deposit at an online casino and begin playing. However much like in a land-based casinos,  online casino you could turn out to lose very quickly. So before beging playing online roulette use our four top tips to improve your odds.

Trusted Casinos Only

There are so many casinos on-line that it’s far difficult to tell which of them are right. So do your studies before signing up with your hard-earned money. Play most effective at the web sites that have been tested for his or her safety and protection. Whilst playing the web roulette, you must have the guarantee that your credit score card details are safe. Any on line casino with a uk or Malta gaming license have to be trustworthy.

  1. Does the site have a seal of approval?
  2. Are they blacklisted anywhere?
  3. Which license do they possess?
  4. Look at casino review sites, are they ranking?
  5. What payment methods do they use?

Roulette Betting

Roulette betting is a gamble. The house always has the edge in roulette. Therefore, you should only bet waht you can affor to lose AND don’t bet thinking you will make a fortune. To make certain which you don’t lose your family cash while having a bet, use a separate account and do not dip into other accounts. You can additionally make a ‘upper amount’ for the night, beyond which you stop playing. Ensure which you don’t overstretch ystick to your finances while playing roulette.

Online Casino Bonus

Every online on line casino gives out welcome bonuses to attract new players. The amount and offers can range from on line casino to on line casino. In an internet on line casino with properly welcome bonus, you could stand up to a 100% of your deposit again as much as $500 or 50% back as much as $1000. It’s miles one of a kind for each on line casino, however you want to recognize the bet necessities also. “How plenty minimum guess do they ask for, and on what games and the time frame”? – most of these want to be considered. Make sure you are making a bet on video games in an effort to sooner or later cause on-line roulette.

American Roulette vs European Roulette

Keep in mind the odds ar a statistical fact – you cant hide from that fact. Many new players bet on a single number. However having a bet small amounts on more than one numbers ensures a win. Gambling a single wide variety won’t come up with a win even once. Furthermore, it’s miles less complicated to win with the aid of gambling the out of doors bets. There is additionally house side to be considered. It is advocated that you play ecu roulette because it simplest has 37 numbers and its house aspect stands only at 2.7%. At the same time as for the American roulette with 38 numbers, it stands at 5.26%.

European Roulette Bets Payout Odds
Even 01:01 48.60%
Odd 01:01 48.60%
Red 01:01 48.60%
Black 01:01 48.60%
1-18 01:01 48.60%
19-36 01:01 48.60%
“1-12 02:01 32.40%
13-24 02:01 32.40%
25-36 02:01 32.40%
Single Number 35:01:00 2.70%
Combination of 2 Numbers 17:01 5.40%
Combination of 3 Numbers 11:01 8.10%
Combination of 4 Numbers 08:01 10.80%
Combination of 6 Numbers 05:01 16.20%

Can you win at roulette every time? Sadly no, but you can minimise your loses and improve your odds.

European Roulette Review

European Roulette Review

By on November 29, 2018

European Roulette is the most played Roulette game. It is generally because it has an excellent shot for the players to win. What’s more, among Net excitement recreations, this is maybe the most common table. The primary and alluring designs, putting down the wagers by mouse clicking and adherence to the European Roulette rules have worked in the engineer’s support pleasantly. The look and feel of the table improve the players’ understanding and keep them returning.

For the individuals who jump at the chance to join the online form with a human touch, the designer additionally built up a live merchant variant of the amusement. There is no feedback to NetEnt with regards to activity and designs. Even though they are moderately new players in the live merchant variants, they have aced the innovation, not surprisingly. We think its a great oppotunity to win online roulette casino prizes.

How to Play European Roulette?

NetEnt has kept the illustrations exceptionally straightforward. The base and greatest wagers are unmistakably evident on the table, and the players can adjust the bets to suit their financial plan. The controls are fundamental and straightforward to utilise. The amusement has all the typical choices like inside wagers, outside wagers, extraordinary wagers and call wagers. Players can likewise spare their excellent wagering choices in the most loved wagers menu.

When you stack the den, you need to choose your chip estimate and choose the number on the table on which you need to wager. The players are permitted to wager a most extreme at $500. When you have put down your wagered, you trust that different bettors will put theirs and the wheel to turn. When the number on the wheel is uncovered, every single winning wager is played naturally.

It isn’t important to put down the wager just on one number. You can wager on more than one number. You can likewise go for the blend wagers and all another sort of varieties. Be that as it may, on a single number, a most extreme of just $500 is permitted.

How to Win European Roulette?

The European Roulette by NetEnt has an announcement on which the players can follow the last 500 wagers. Which worked and which did not pay. Everything is shown on the board. There additionally exists a bar graph where the quantity of Red/Black and Odd/Even wagers put is appeared and furthermore has the level of amusements when these wagers are won.

You have to consider the bulletin and the graph and frame your very own technique. Although at whatever point a technique is referenced, most players pick Martingale System since it is the most acclaimed one. Be that as it may, mostly it isn’t as paying as it says in principle. The amusement additionally enables you to see the wagers different players have put. So it is smarter to examine the numbers and push forward factually.

European Roulette Slot

The live video feed is perfect, and the diversion is fun and engaging. There is an alternative to live talk so the players can likewise collaborate. The gaming goliath has given a wide range of measurements and flexible alternative to guarantee the players are more than happy with the diversion. You can even change the soundtrack and alter the lightings. I am certain there is nothing more engaging than this.


Online Casino Slots

By on October 15, 2018

People who spend time playing games online often like playing online casino slots, but most don’t know how these slots correctly work. In this article, we help you understand how slots work. We also explore online casino tips in our related blog post.

Online Casino Slots

If you visit a site of online casino slots, you will quickly find the options to play the game. As soon as you press the play button, the software program draws any five random symbols on the five reels. The reels stop spinning according to the random number assigned by the Random Number Generator. Once the last reel finishes, the program does the complex mathematics and calculates your winnings; which instantly adds to your balance.

When a bonus or free spin is triggered, the reels stop according to the Random Number Generator process only.

Random Number Generator

A Random Number Generator is a computer program whose work is to keep producing random numbers all day. It produces these random sequences at the intervals of milliseconds. Every time you spin the online casino slots, it creates a different series of random numbers. Every spin has a different combination of numbers, and each spin is independent of the previous spins.

One important thing to note is that a Random Number Generator has no memory. RNG and complex mathematical equations decide a win or lose.

The moment you spin the reel in the online casino slots, the RNG starts spitting out hundreds of numbers per second. What combination of symbols you get on your reels is dependent on what number is there on the RNG when you click on the mouse.


Types of Online Casino Slots

There are many types of slot games available in the online casino slots. Below given are just a few popular ones:

·        3-Reel Slot Games:

Typically, a 3-reel slot game features three symbols which the RNG picks as soon you spin the reels. These three symbols are displayed in a single-line on your screen.

·        Video or Multiple Reel Slot:

Video online casino slots have at least five reels and work in the same way as the 3-reel slot. But one significant difference is that it has more than one pay line. Moreover, the types of bonuses and jackpots are also more for these.

·        Bonus Slot Game:

A bonus online casino slots game is triggered by a combination of symbols across the active pay lines. The bonus slots are an attraction for the slot players because they offer generous winnings and even free spins.

·        Free Spins:

When a free spin triggering symbol turns up on the reels, the casino lets you spin the reels for free. Many believe that the pay-out is better in free spins.

·        Progressive Jackpot Slot:

It is the most popular type of online casino slots game because it gives an opportunity to win big. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases with each bet you make. It can grow to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Popular Netent Slots

Starburst Slots by NetEnt is a 5-reel slot with large and frequent payouts. Starburst, with its vibrant colors and simple gameplay, is one of the most popular slots. Another popular Netent slot, Twin Spin combines the classic casino feel with the contemporary graphics very seamlessly. The best feature of the game is that during every spin, the twin reels (identical reels) expand to become 3, 4 or even five reels and give you a chance to win big.

bitcoin roulette

Play Online With Bitcoin Roulette

By on October 4, 2018

Roulette is the favourite game of regular casino players. It is arguably the most accessible game to master the rules. Though there are variations of the game, rules remain pretty much the same. If you can guess the number of the wheel, you are nicely sorted. Of course, for a consistent winner, you need to learn the rules and play it correctly. But online roulette is basically about fun. And the options are increasing day by day when it comes to online roulette. You can now evenr play bitcoin roulette.

With the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, many casinos are now offering an option to play roulette online with bitcoin. It is still a new form of payment, and not all the casinos offer the opportunity, but many casinos have started allowing bitcoin now. Bitcoin appears as a separate option for primary deposit and withdrawal of winnings.

Using Bitcoin Roulette Online


• The main advantage of playing with Bitcoin is the safety of information. The privacy is ensured for both – you and the casino. No third party is given access to either personal or financial information.

• In countries where online gambling is illegal, banks do not process any transactions regarding deposits made in the casino. In such a scenario, Bitcoin is the only option.

• One more advantage is you don’t have to pay any bank charges for transactions made. Iit is a cheaper option.

• You don’t have to link your credit/debit card to the casino for creating a transaction through Bitcoin.

• One of the biggest advantages is you can process your withdrawal instantly. Once you send your confirmation, withdrawal becomes instant on the Bitcoin address provided by you.

• There are no taxes on bitcoin transactions.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin to Play Roulette OnlineDisadvantages-Bitcoin

• Bitcoin is solely dependent on the exchange rate. It can be extremely risky. Especially if the rate moves negatively against the dollar.

• One of the disadvantages to play roulette online is that for allowing bitcoin, the casinos don’t have to apply for any license in any jurisdiction. Because Bitcoin is not a recognised currency, the casinos are free to provide online gambling without a license. This increases the number of rogue casinos.

The Casino Options to Play

If you think that advantages of betting in bitcoin are more, then you will find that there are many safe and reputable gaming platforms like Playtech, Microgaming and Realtime Gaming that can let you have a smooth and trouble-free bitcoin betting.

There are many casinos which solely have bitcoin as a payment option. Yes, it does sound a little unsafe, and some are, but not all of them are rogue. Some casinos use trusted software like Coin Gaming or SoftSwiss which specialises in providing gambling platforms by giving the only bitcoin as a payment option. These platforms provide casino games from a variety of developers. So you can play roulette online of all the three variations by using Bitcoin.

Look for a casino that is at least 3 to 4 years old, read the reviews, and the wagering requirements before settling on a casino that allows you to play roulette online with Bitcoin as a payment option. It is fast and fun, but security is most important. But definitely consider bitcoin to be apart of your roulette strategy.


Best roulette strategy

By on September 16, 2018

. YOnline Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular betting game played both online and offline. While most regard Roulette as a game of luck by merely betting on their favorite combination of numbers, only a few know the inside roulette online casino tips that increase your chances of winning. In this article, we’ll let you in on the best roulette strategy. It will help you win that big hand on the table.

Best roulette strategy Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy or also known as the Mayer Technique. It emerged as an answer to a classic question- can a player guarantee his/her winning without getting affected by the table’s activities? And the answer, most surprisingly is yes. With a one hundred percent probability of winning, the Martingale Strategy advocates a player to double your bets until you win. Well, the mathematical logic here is simple. As you double your losses until you win, the lost bets would always be recouped. Due to it’s mathematical certainty, most new casinos today have placed a maximum betting limit. If, however the stakes were to be actually made unlimited, a player would most likely run out of money. And that will happen before he/she hits the jackpot!

Martingale Strategy

Reverse Martingale

On of the best roulette strategy ideas. Owing to the economic futility of the Martingale Strategy, a positive updation was almost a necessity. The Reverse Martingale Strategy or the Reverse Mayer Technique, thus poses a counter to the Martingale Strategy. Here, a player instead of doubling the bets after every loss, now doubles the bet after each win. They subsequently stop betting after each loss. It is no brainer, that if one successfully manages to double their wins the game would not go on forever, thus it is upon the judgement of the player to know when it’s an opportune time to leave the table without going bankrupt!

Column Betting Strategy

With a view to increase –  the odds of winning there are multiple betting strategies involving the columns. In an online roulette game, column betting involves betting on either red or black, high or low, even or odd numbers. While doing so you are essentially betting that the ball will end up on a number placed on the table’s three columns. These column bets are outside bets.  Thus always keep in mind that through this strategy you are more likely to quickly increase your bankroll!

Best roulette strategy Tap the Outside Bets

Despite the 18 outside bets most new players are advised to bet on specific numbers from amongst the 38 numbers on the inside, if they wish to crack a big win. Staking all your money on one number reduces your probability to 37:1. However, if you follow our Roulette tips and instead bet on the outside numbers including either the red or black or even or odd, then the probability of your winning amongst 1 to 18 becomes a solid 50-50 per cent.

Roulette is thus not merely just another game of luck. When played professionally, Roulette incorporates some complex strategies and techniques to ensure a player’s chances of winning. Now, that we have let you in on a few of these Roulette tips. Go employ them well and be amazed to see the result.

American Roulette

American Roulette vs European Roulette

By on September 16, 2018

Even the most skilled of Roulette players fail to identify the difference between the two kinds of online casino roulette, let alone to understand which one is better of the two. Because both the American Roulette as well as the European Roulette (and French Roulette variant) has somewhat of a similar working, they might appear almost identical. The only variant is that alongside the same numbers, an American Roulette has an additional green coloured 00 in its wheel, which is absent in the European Roulette. And this, my fellow Roulette players makes all the difference and determines the probability of your win. Before we come to a definite answer on as to which is the better system of the two, let us try and understand the inherent workings of both.

European Roulette

The European Roulette is not as widely popular as the American Roulette as it increases the probability of a player winning the hand. However, all those who play roulette online prefer the European Roulette. This is because the wheel in a European Roulette has 37 pockets and the odds of winning are 1 in 37. The payout after a win is 35-1 against a win (a player gets 35 plus the original bet)

American Roulette

The American Roulette is usually the most popular wheel used by casinos as it increases the odds of the casinos at winning. The American Roulette has 38 pockets as opposed to 37 in a European Roulette and thus the odds of your winning are now 1 in a 38. Whereas the payout after a win is same as that of the European Roulette, that is 35-1. The best roulette strategy has to include playing European Roulette vs American Roulette

Difference between american roulette and european roulette

The one extra pocket in the American Roulette makes it undesirable for professional Roulette players to play on it. It is, therefore, crucial to understand how this one pocket affects your chance of winning. To do so, let’s consider the following example.

Suppose you bet any amount in a European Roulette, the house-edge, which is the amount of money you expect to lose on each spin, is calculated to be 2.7%. Whereas, In an American Roulette the house-edge is calculated to be 5.6%, which is almost the double of that of European Roulette.

So, if suppose you bet a $100 on a European Roulette with 37 pockets, then after 37 spins, you’ll be expected to lose 1 unit. However, if you bet the same amount in an American Roulette then, after 37 spins on the 38 pockets, you’ll be expected to lose two units. This means you are losing double the money in American Roulette.

Owing to this huge gap, most casinos prefer an American Roulette as higher the chances of your loosing, the higher the odds of them winning!

Now, that you have understood the working behind both of the Roulette playings, you’ll avoid the amateur mistake of falling prey to the casinos trick, and like an experienced Roulette, player opts for the European Roulette that increases your chance of winning. American Roulette vs European Roulette? Europe wins!


Roulette Advanced

By on September 11, 2018

There are many variations of roulette games available on the internet, and every game is distinct from another in terms of many factors. This may be hard to digest for some people because there are two roulette wheels namely European roulette and American roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular games found in online casinos as well as land-based casinos. Roulette Advanced is a popular roulette game offered by NetEnt, one of the leaders in gaming software providing entities. Roulette Advanced is a variation of European Roulette game and belongs to a professional series of roulette game, which is known for ease of playing owing to enhanced functionalities, realistic gameplay, and improved game statistics.



How to Play Roulette Advanced?

It is relatively easy to play Roulette Advanced. You can play it at Coral online casino. Users can place bets using the chips found on the lower right portion of the screen. Once you have placed as per your convenience, you need to spin the wheel using ‘spin’ button. There is no time limit in the game, and you can take your time for placing your bet and spinning the wheel. After pressing the spin button, the wheel will start spinning, and a ball will be thrown in it. The number on which the ball stops is called the winning bet. In case you win, you will receive the payment instantly. The roulette game has 37 pockets including numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero. The betting table is easy to understand. At the top of the table are the racetracks of bets which allow additional chances to win with Serie 5/8, Orphelins, Serie 0/2/3 and Voisins du Zero.

How to Win Roulette Advanced?

The minimum bet which can be placed in the game is £10, and the maximum bet is £5,000. On specific bets, limitations have been placed on the size of the bet, and you will be informed if you try to place a very big gamble. The RTP of the game is 97.30%, and the best odds are 35/1 for a straight bet which, according to me, is a realistic shot. Also, bets of 35 to 1 have a capping of 10.00. You can adjust your future bets by keeping a close watch on the hot and cold information which can be found on the left side of the screen along with special stakes, ball history and a closer view of the wheel.



Roulette Advanced Game

Roulette Advanced is an exciting game as there is no time limit, plus you can play at your own pace. The presence of extra betting options makes the gameplay more interesting thus keeping the player entertained for an extended period. The Roulette Advanced video slot is perfect for those players who want to play on high stakes online. To make sure that the game is as per your liking, you can play the demo version which is available for players. All in all, it can be said that NetEnt’s Roulette Advanced is a must with exciting graphics and smooth gameplay.


French Roulette

By on August 29, 2018

One of the main reasons why French Roulette is preferred is that it is European Roulette in French. It has got the best of both worlds. The roulette table is one of the first games started in a casino, and that is why it has always been popular among the casino players. The French Roulette follows all the rules of European Roulette, and the wheel also has 37 numbers including 0. This simple casino game by NetEnt has incredible visual appeal and smooth animation. Once you load the game, you are greeted with a wonderful introductory video, and then the familiar roulette layout appears. The soundtrack is also soothing, and as a whole, I found the look and feel of the game very mellow and appealing.

French Roulette Rules

The French Roulette rules are the same as playing any other roulette tables. For players who prefer European Roulette, there is nothing new they need to know. Only one thing is different, and that is the French language instead of English. Starting to play is pretty straightforward. Selecting the chip for your decided denomination and placing your bet is very simple and straightforward, thanks to the NetEnt gaming software. If you have made a wrong bet or have changed your mind, you can easily click on “X” and change your fortune.


NetEnt lets the players customise everything according to their choice – from the soundtrack to display. The game also has an Autoplay feature where the bets are placed automatically when the player wants to play at a steady fixed pace. It can easily be converted into a manual when you want to place different bets. There is also a Quickspin function for those who like a fast-paced game. On activating the quick spin, you will notice that the wheel will rotate at full speed for a second and the ball will magically appear in the winning pocket.

French Roulette Bets

As in the European Roulette, this game also has a hot and cold numbers billboard where you can track the winning and losing numbers of previous spins. The percentages of winning red or black, odd or even bets are also shown. The minimum bet for the game is 1 euro while the maximum is 500 euros. The players are allowed to bet on a group of 4 hot and cold numbers. It is a known fact that roulette is more a statistical game rather than betting. Thus, you need to study all the charts and billboards to deduce which numbers could be favourable for you to bet on.

Online French Roulette

NetEnt Live allows the players to not just customise their bet but the entire experience of the game. You can adjust the music volume and even change the track. You can alter the highlighting, turn dealer’s voice on or off, improve the quality of the graphics from SD to HD and even skip the intro clip if you want. With so many adjustments and awesome features like Quickspin and Auto mode, the game has become my favourite. I am sure I can brush up my French for playing this roulette table.


Best Online Roulette Casino Sites

By on August 25, 2018

Roulette has been a favourite casino game for a long time. It is a fun-filled game with ample chances for players to win big. Many variations of roulette have evolved over the period because of its increasing popularity in different countries. No shortage of online casinos offers a variety of roulette games where you can win decent prize money. In fact, this has led to numerous choices for players who find it difficult to select the best online roulette casino where they can get the desired variation of the game and reasonable offers. To overcome this problem, we have compiled a list of top 5 best online roulette casino sites out there. These sites offer the chance to play free online roulette and win real cash!

Bovada Casino

If you are looking forward to the best online roulette casino where you can play different versions of roulette such as European Roulette, French Roulette etc. then there is no better casino than Bovada casino. The casino offers the welcome bonus of $3000 for new players and has the highest credit card acceptance rate as compared to other casinos. Players can access the casino website on desktop and mobile devices without facing any issue.

888 Casino

888 Casino is a famous casino amongst roulette players. It is one of the oldest and best online roulette casinos in the market today, and the company has also been registered on the London stock exchange. In this casino, you can play French roulette which is considered the best roulette variant in terms of value for money. Casino welcomes new players with aplenty welcome offers; you can visit their official website for checking the currently running welcome bonus. It’s currently £88 free cash which is far better than free spins! This casino also offers easy payment options.

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is a trusted name in the online casino industry. Owing to numerous options for players to play best online roulette games, Mansion Casino is very popular amongst roulette players. Here, you can play multiple variations of the game, and you can say that there is something for everyone here. Protected with Thawte SSL encryption, the casino is top class regarding safety. Also, their dedicated and professionals customer service executives are there to help you 24 by 7.

Bet 365 Casino

If you know about the online casino industry, then the name of Bet365 casino should not come as a surprise to you. The Playtech powered casino is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino sites in the world. Bet 365 Casino offers popular titles of Roulette game, and you can play some of the best online roulette titles here including Live Roulette.

Leovegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is a highly famed casino which has attained a reputed position in the casino industry. Their collection of games is vast, and for roulette players, the casino is no less than heaven as you can play more than 27 variants of Roulette games in this casino.

With increasing popularity of casino, there is no shortage of casinos offering a remarkable welcome bonus to new players. We hope that with this list, you can easily choose the best online roulette casino for you. Odds are you will love playing roulette online with one of these casino sites.

Online Casino Tips

Online Casino Tips

By on August 20, 2018

Do you want to play for real money at the best casino online uk, but you do not know where to start? Check our online casino tips now and enjoy a winning start.

Keep an eye on your finances

The number one rule of our tips is always to manage your funds. This means that you need to create a budget that will be equal to what you can afford to lose if you lose it, stop playing for the day. This way you make sure to have a good time, and if you use your money slowly, you will have a better chance to win on the length.


Choose a quality online casino

Some online casinos are only there to take your money; to make sure this does not happen, our second tip is to choose a trusted casino. You can help you test on OCPHC because we only recommend casinos have an excellent reputation. But thats not much of an online casino tips if we dont explain how, right!

Play progressive jackpots

It’s always good to mix your play habits to keep things interesting if you like the wholesale prices, there are no better games as progressive jackpots. These jackpots are the best way to earn money that can change your life when you play an online casino; several winners received more than £5,000,000!


Play games with the best odds

The next tip on the online casinos is to find games that offer the best odds. It may sound simple, but it is never as it seems. Some of the most popular casino games such as slot machines and keno are great fun, but they are in favour of the house. Blackjack, Baccarat and Video Poker, on the other sides, have the beautiful coastline, which gives you a chance to walk away with a decent sum.

Improve your chances with a strategy

Some casino games offer better ribs than others, but those odds can be made that if you play a perfect play. One of the tips for online casinos to win, you need a good strategy and an excellent understanding of the game; that way you improve your chances of winning.

Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions

If you want your money lasts longer, be sure to look for the biggest bonuses and promotions. At OCPHC, we will maintain informed about the latest promotions, and exclusive deal-all you have to do is claim the bonus!

Look for the best loyalty programs

Some casinos reward their players on every deposit, not only on their first deposit. One of the most useful advice is to find a casino that offers an excellent loyalty program because that is what kind of rewards that proves more profitable in the long term.

Learn to accept that some games are based only on pure luck

Despite the need for specific techniques, each game has an element of chance. This means that no gain is not guaranteed, so the players need to focus on the entertainment value of the game as opposed to the commercial appeal. Any real money winning at the end of an online casino slots game should really be session as “extra”.


Give yourself breaks

Continually playing for hours can affect your ability to play and can cause a bad attitude to the game. One of the essential tips for online gambling is to be sure to take regular breaks when playing and balancing your life with different activities.

It is essential that when you play an online casino, you can concentrate because if slippage is possible. One of the most common mistakes of the players is to drink a bit too much, which severely affects the strategy game. If you play at an online casino and you want to make money, knowingly play and stop after one or two drinks, to keep your minds.