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Play Online With Bitcoin Roulette

bitcoin roulette

By on October 4, 2018

Roulette is the favourite game of regular casino players. It is arguably the most accessible game to master the rules. Though there are variations of the game, rules remain pretty much the same. If you can guess the number of the wheel, you are nicely sorted. Of course, for a consistent winner, you need to learn the rules and play it correctly. But online roulette is basically about fun. And the options are increasing day by day when it comes to online roulette. You can now evenr play bitcoin roulette.

With the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, many casinos are now offering an option to play roulette online with bitcoin. It is still a new form of payment, and not all the casinos offer the opportunity, but many casinos have started allowing bitcoin now. Bitcoin appears as a separate option for primary deposit and withdrawal of winnings.

Using Bitcoin Roulette Online


• The main advantage of playing with Bitcoin is the safety of information. The privacy is ensured for both – you and the casino. No third party is given access to either personal or financial information.

• In countries where online gambling is illegal, banks do not process any transactions regarding deposits made in the casino. In such a scenario, Bitcoin is the only option.

• One more advantage is you don’t have to pay any bank charges for transactions made. Iit is a cheaper option.

• You don’t have to link your credit/debit card to the casino for creating a transaction through Bitcoin.

• One of the biggest advantages is you can process your withdrawal instantly. Once you send your confirmation, withdrawal becomes instant on the Bitcoin address provided by you.

• There are no taxes on bitcoin transactions.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin to Play Roulette OnlineDisadvantages-Bitcoin

• Bitcoin is solely dependent on the exchange rate. It can be extremely risky. Especially if the rate moves negatively against the dollar.

• One of the disadvantages to play roulette online is that for allowing bitcoin, the casinos don’t have to apply for any license in any jurisdiction. Because Bitcoin is not a recognised currency, the casinos are free to provide online gambling without a license. This increases the number of rogue casinos.

The Casino Options to Play

If you think that advantages of betting in bitcoin are more, then you will find that there are many safe and reputable gaming platforms like Playtech, Microgaming and Realtime Gaming that can let you have a smooth and trouble-free bitcoin betting.

There are many casinos which solely have bitcoin as a payment option. Yes, it does sound a little unsafe, and some are, but not all of them are rogue. Some casinos use trusted software like Coin Gaming or SoftSwiss which specialises in providing gambling platforms by giving the only bitcoin as a payment option. These platforms provide casino games from a variety of developers. So you can play roulette online of all the three variations by using Bitcoin.

Look for a casino that is at least 3 to 4 years old, read the reviews, and the wagering requirements before settling on a casino that allows you to play roulette online with Bitcoin as a payment option. It is fast and fun, but security is most important. But definitely consider bitcoin to be apart of your roulette strategy.

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  1. Decent post on the ptifalls of playing with bitcoin. the variability of btc at the moment means im staying away. Its betting using bitcoin to play on other things

  2. Bit coin casinos seem like a BAd Idea. How do casinos deal with the Money Laundering side of things?, how do they know that the Bitcoin has not been stolen?

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